Saturday, April 16, 2011

OutpLay thE pLayeR . . . .

This is what i had discovered from SEVENTEEN magazine which i used to buy every month !

when you can tell he's running game,here's how to make sure you always win !

player move :
He asks to trade numbers but never texts or calls . . . . . .

what he's thinking :
"she gave me her number !Man,i'm awesome. "
a dude who pulls this trick is focused only on the momentary self-satisfication of knowing you dig him-not the actual "reaching out" part .
if he's bored or lonely a day or two later , maybe he'll reconnect . . . . .

How you'll win!!!! :
get back on his mind with a sassy text : "U were cuter when u were flirting with me."
Resist the urge to add,"why didn't u call ?" so it's clear you're not waiting for him.
Odds are 10 to 1 that he'll text back !

yahaha . . . . . . well,guess what ? this is what i used to say to that 'mr.pakisatani' that i knew from facebook when we haven't been reconnect for quiet long . This is how i used to said to him :
"hey , whassup ******* ? u hvent inbox me qiuet 'not-so-long' and tht make meh kinda missin youh .. why ? does ur FB friend list got amnesia ? ahah ! "     
hahaha trust me not ? it worked ! he inbox me back on the next day . .

here's some other tips on how you'll win . . . . .

He always makes plans with you at the last minute . . . .

what he's thinking :
"im bored.who should i text now ?"
this annoying move has the most simple explaination in the world : he's texting you now because he's only available now ,and everyone else has plans . It means you're not realy on his radar . . . .  .
so proceed with caution .

How you'll win :
Be Busy !!!!
if you are always available when he wants you , he'll never makes plans in advance .
when he texts,say you already have plans but that you're free tommorrow.
if he really wants to see you ,he'll set a date . . . . . . . . .

Check this out . . . . . . . . . . . . .

He wants to hook up but says he doesn't want a girlfriend !!!!!!!!!

what he's thinking :
"i just want to hook up"
by telling you he doesn't want a relationship,he feels like he gets a free pass to hook up or to hang out without emotional strings .
He knows he's being a player but thinks that by being up front about it , he he wont be at fault if you get emotionally attached . . . .

How you'll win :
Agree with him !!!
when he initiates a hook up , say no and tell him you wouldn't want him to start acting like your boyfriend . He'll have more respect for you if you refuse to play by his rules- and that will make him want to impress you !!!!

Dis is some of the mag readers getting-outplayed trauma . . . . . .

"how i got outplayed !!! "

"in high school everyone seemed
to like me because i played football-girls
would throw themselve s at me all the time .
but Lydia was different .
one time i made a move over her ,
 and she said that if the only things
i cared about were
football and partying , she wasn't
 going to talk to me until the season
 was over .
she was the first girl who
demanded more from me .
she made it clear
she deserved it . . . "

okay guys thats all for this time , buhbye !


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